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Created as part of a 24-hour game jam with the theme of "Phase". As a blob of sentient water, you must navigate a cavern by transforming between gaseous, liquid, and solid forms.

Team Members (all students at the University of Southern California):

  • Matt Levonian
  • Katie Yu
  • Bryce Matsumori
  • Tristan Bridge
  • Drew Welch
  • Yousif Aldolaijan

Feel free to look at our project here: https://github.com/willplayforfun/Unphased

Install instructions

Standard Unity game. Plays well with a gamepad (although tooltips are for keyboard controls).

Gamepad Controls:

  • Y - Gas
  • B - Liquid
  • A - Solid (and "Start")
  • Left Stick - Move


H2GO for Windows.zip 19 MB
H2GO for Mac.zip 20 MB
H2GO for Linux.zip 22 MB

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